• Gathering @ FMCA
  • Table 2 @ Puddingstone
  • Hemet Dinner 2016
  • Table 3 @ Puddingstone
  • Pechanga Wagonmasters
  • DSC 6853
  • Jeff Newby Instructing All As To How To Cook Correctly
  • Hemte 2016 Bill/Adrian Horiz
  • Valencia With Band
  • Brady & Joann @ Sunset
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  • At Table @ Puddinstone
  • Jeff & Trish @ Sunset
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  • The Gang In Oceano
  • RoseAir @ Puddingstone
  • Dinner By The Beach
  • 50s Jeff @ Bakersfield
  • Robert @ Puddingstone
  • The Golfers With Their Night Lights
  • JimKay Puddingstone
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  • GaryH
  • Gang @ Valencia
  • Gang @ Oceano
  • Terry Wins 50 50
  • Campfire @ Oceano
  • Huge Campfire At Pechanga


Upcoming events

New Years @ The Vines RV Resort, Paso Robles
December 28, 2018 - January 1, 2019
Wagonmasters:  Different wagonmasters every day.
This is our signature event of the year.  Come take the Kruise with the Komfort Kruisers.  Please note that it's important to sign up as soon as possible so we can hold our reservations.
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Komfort Kruisers @ Quartzsite Arrival - Wednesday, January 23, 2019.  Departure - Thursday, January 31, 2019. We have a total of 12 full hookup campsites reserved at Rice Ranch which is just across the street from the "Big Tent."  Komfort Kruisers members will have priority and we will keep a standby list after the event is fully booked.  This year we did have several late cancellations so the standby list people did get to go.  The cost for the week (minimum booking) is $ 278.00 which needs to be paid in advance to Komfort Kruisers thru PayPal.  This is an official Komfort Kruisers event but we will not have any business meeting or food supplied by the club.  Organizing potluck meals is at the discretion of the attendees.  Those that sign up will be contacted by Kathe Riha and/or Maryn Larsen with details.  Note that there is no flyer for this event.   Deadline:  Dec. 1, 2018

Golden Village Palms RV Resort, Hemet
February 7th - 11th, 2019
WAGONMASTERS:  Ken Roberts & Cheryl Braney, Terry & Ruth Wood, Lew & Rose Callahan

Bakersfield RV Resort
March 7 - 10, 2019
WAGONMASTERS:  Jim & Kathe Riha, Ray & Robin Elliott, Jerry Keller

Borrego Springs
April 4th thru 7th
Note: Basic event is Friday and Saturday nights
Wagonmasters: Charlie & Megan Ryan, Rob & Karen White, Mark & Debbie Francis

Stagecoach in Banning
May 2nd thru 6th 2019
Basic event is Friday and Saturday nights
Wagonmasters: TBD

San Diego KOA
June 5th thru 10th 2019
Note:  Basic event is Friday and Saturday nights
Wagonmasters: Donna Henson + TBD

Pacific Dunes, Oceano
August 7th thru 11th 2019
Note: basic event is Friday and Saturday nights
Wagonmasters: Don & Betty Carson, Hank & Fran Chandler, Roger & Maryn Larsen

Pechanga Casino & RV Park
September 18th thru 23rd 2019
Note:  Basic event is Friday and Saturday nights
Wagonmasters: Jeanne & Bill Wheeler and Sue Osgood

East Shore RV @ Lake Puddingstone
October 16th thru 21st, 2019
Note: Basic event is Friday and Saturday nights
Wagonmasters: Rich & Janet Edmonston, Jim & Kathe Riha, Irwin & Sharon Wexler

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