• Campfire @ Oceano
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  • Jeff & Trish @ Sunset
  • Gathering @ FMCA
  • Valencia With Band
  • Gang @ Valencia
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  • Table 3 @ Puddingstone
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  • The Gang In Oceano
  • Hemte 2016 Bill/Adrian Horiz
  • Gang @ Oceano
  • The Golfers With Their Night Lights
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  • Huge Campfire At Pechanga
  • At Table @ Puddinstone
  • Hemet Dinner 2016
  • Dinner By The Beach
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  • Brady & Joann @ Sunset
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  • Pechanga Wagonmasters
  • Robert @ Puddingstone
  • Terry Wins 50 50
  • Jeff Newby Instructing All As To How To Cook Correctly
  • Table 2 @ Puddingstone
  • 50s Jeff @ Bakersfield


We are inviting you to visit the best RV club in California at an upcoming outing. The Komfort Kruisers have been around for almost 30 years. We enjoy 10 weekend outings per year averaging 25 to 35 rigs. Although we started out as Komfort motorhome owners, our members now own every size and shape from class Bs & Cs to 40′ Beavers and Newells.  And our towables include 5th wheels and trailers of all sizes and shapes. To join the Komfort Kruisers you must attend a minimum of two outings within a 12 month period and then be voted in. Please join us for a weekend of fun, camaraderie, laughs, food and relaxation.  Our inside joke is that we are an eating club with an RV problem.


For further information contact Jeff Newby, President of Komfort Kruisers

805-432-4600  catfishjeff@gmail.com

To use PayPal to pay “Annual Membership Dues” or “New Member Dues”

click here

You will be provided the option of paying using a PayPal Account or by Credit Card.


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